Enter vzw (Facebook) - active in Flanders and Brussels
Flemish Centre of Expertise on Accessibility

Itinera Institute (Facebook) - active in the whole of Belgium

The Itinera Institute is an objectively and independently working organisation which researches and formulates recommendations on structural policy measures to adopt in order to promote sustainable economic growth and social protection.

ALS Liga (Facebook) - active in the whole of Belgium

The website of the ALS liga (Ligue SLA Belgique asbl) offers valuable information regarding all aspects of the disease and the most recent developments in the matter. This information is designed for the patients themselves, their relatives, acquaintances and friends and to any other persons that is directly or indirectly concerned with ALS.

Braille Liga (Facebook) - active in the whole of Belgium

The approach of the Braille league is based on the desire to support visually impaired people in order to help them optimise or keep their independence and to offer them the possibility to make their own choices. The Braille league is a Belgian non-profit organisation that provides free help and support in different aspects and times of life.

  • Social support and psychological help
  • Guidance and learning techniques to improve autonomy
  • Vocational training and integration, job placement
  • Cultural and leisure activities

Blueassist (Facebook) - active in Flanders and Brussels

BlueAssist is a system to help anyone who finds communication hard, who has difficulties getting messages across and to promote connections with other citizens.

Gezinsbond (Facebook) - active in Flanders and Brussels

The organisation of the Flemish Family Association, or Gezinsbond, never forgets to take account of persons with disabilities.

Grip vzw (Facebook) - active in Flanders and Brussels

Grip is a non-profit association whose name in Dutch is the acronym of Gelijke Rechten voor Iedere Persoon met een handicap (Equal rights for every disabled person).

Hospichild (Facebook) - active in Brussels

The website provides information regarding all administrative, economic, scholastic, social and professional aspects about severely ill, hospitalized children under the age of 16.

Reva (Facebook)
Do you have a question about services? Looking for the right device or accessory? At REVA, you're sure to find the right solution either by visiting some of the 150 exhibitions or by participating in one of the seminars or workshops!

Brulocalis - active in Brussels

This non-profit organisation is the association of the City and Municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region

Cultuurnet (Facebook) - active in Flanders and Brussels
In 2010, CultuurNet Vlaanderen launched a project to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in cultural and leisure activities. Cultuurnet has developped a smart agenda that not only proposes all possible activities and events but also offers the possibility to filter the search results with accessibility options and review them in order to check whether or not they meet your needs.

Herita (Facebook) - active in Flanders and Brussels
Herita’s aim is to make everyone, young or old, enthusiastic about our heritage. Herita is the organising force behind several heritage activities and the annual Heritage Day. Herita wants to open up as many heritage sites as possible for as many people as possible. The organisation is convinced this is the only way to ensure that people connect with their heritage and get the opportunity to appreciate it even more.

Center of Expertise in Care Technology

Cretecs aims to develop and spread as much knowledge as possible regarding the use of care technological solutions. The association also wants to contribute to a blueprint for society in this matter. Urgent measures become necessary to solve the problematic combination of a constantly increasing group of ‘care askers’ and a decreasing group of ‘care takers’. Cretecs considers technological solutions to be one of the possible answers.

Demos (Facebook) - active in Flanders
Demos strives to renewed and improved participation of vulnerable groups in culture, sports and youth work. The organisation always focusses on the environmental perspectives of these groups, linking them to a democratic ideal. In order to reach this objective, Demos continuously draws a sustainable but dynamic attention to the detection and analysis of participation barriers.

CM (Facebook) - active in the whole of Belgium
Apart from offering a wide range of services and advantages intended for ill persons who need home care and/or treatment, CM also provides a wide and specific offer for persons with disabilities.

Sport In Brussel (Facebook) - active in Brussels
This site answers to the following questions: Which sports infrastructure is accessible to persons with disabilities? What means of transport can get me there?

Bednet (Facebook) - active in Flanders
Bed-net want to help bedfast children and adolescents by using the internet.


Dottie is a social network site where persons with disabilities of illnesses can get in touch with other persons who (have) experience (d) the same things. (Facebook) - active in the whole of Belgium
I’m freee organises holidays that make you forget your limitations. The organisation checks that the accommodation and infrastructure meet your needs in terms of comfort and accessibility. Another service of theirs is the personal assistance they foresee all day long and that forms so to speak the silver cord running through the ‘I’m Freee’ travelling concept. All the personal assistants (P.A.’s) they work with have been locally recruited and trained to help you in the most subtle and discreet way possible and only when really necessary.

Isemoa (active internationally)

The ISEMOA-project develops a quality management system in order to help cities and municipalities improve the accessibility of the public domain and the public transport.

Tackling Social Exclusion (active internationally)

The TSE project is a cooperation project of the cities of Gent (B), Rotterdam (NL) and Southampton (UK). Their goal: tackling social exclusion using innovative methods and thus improving accessibility to everyone.

Kurt Deklerck
Official Website of the Belgian, European and World Champion Pool & Snooker

This list has been compiled by vzw Tolbo in cooperation with the relevant organizations. The vzw Tolbo does not bear any responsibility regarding the content of these websites.