A non-profit organisation like Tolbo could not possibly survive without the goodwill of indispensable sponsors. On this page we would like to take the time to thank our financial helpers. We would like to point out that our work would be much harder without their valuable support.

To visit their respective websites, click on the links below:


With AnDless, Annelies Delmoitié supports clients in optimising and implementing administrative processes in order to achieve greater efficiency and turnover for entrepreneurs. She ran the secretariat of our non-profit organisation TolBo for one and a half years. She herself is chronically ill. In 2019, Annelies took over the commercial agency of Amazonas (hammocks and hanging chairs). She sells hammocks and hanging chairs, which are ideal for patients with back problems. In doing so, she entered into a partnership with TolBo.



Autimatic matches employers and people with autism. Despite their many talents, this group has trouble finding their way in the job market. Companies, non-profit organisations and governments can call on their services for digital content, administrative support and office automation. This socially responsible outsourcing is an ideal alternative to working with freelancers or more expensive commercial organisations.


Eerste Hulp Bij Beperking

Do you frequently get in contact with people with intellectual disabilities? Does communication sometimes prove difficult or awkward? Perhaps you do not always know what to expect from them or how best to react? This course has the answer. In this 3 hour training, I will explain what to expect from someone with a mental disability – and perhaps more importantly, what not. Using many practical examples, I will provide you with handy, immediately applicable tips and tricks.



One in seven people (women, men and children) suffer from urine leakage. Despite this large number, it remains a taboo subject. In many cases, it is only a slight leakage of urine when exercising or coughing. There are solutions on the market. But Entusia thought it could do better. The Belgian company developed beautiful and fashionable underwear with a new kind of fibre. Both for women (briefs) and men (boxer shorts). Are bandages from now on a thing of the past?



Health2Work is a company specialised in ergonomic care aids.



Inclure Architects stands for inclusive and high-end architecture that is accessible to everyone, to disabled persons as well as to people without disabilities. We are striving towards optimal accessibility and use of buildings and surroundings without neglecting the aspects of comfort and architectural qualities. Feel free to contact us for specialised advice regarding inclusive architecture and accessibility or for creating your inclusive accessible project.


KTG Solutions

KTG Solutions aims to make Europe accessible, so that people with mobility problems can participate in society unhindered and on equal terms. Our approach is flexible and tailored to your wishes. KTG Solutions is accustomed to finding a solution in a variety of situations and for the most challenging problems. You not only want to keep up appearances by following the rules, but you also want to give a warm welcome to visitors with disabilities.


My Add On

My Add On develops innovative and trendy products to make crutches, wheelchairs and rollators more comfortable, practical and beautiful.


Tangla Brussels

Tangla Brussels is the enbodiment of the Tanggula Mountain legend. The interior architecture has been modelled by the award-winning Hirsch Bedner Associates Agency and it is the first Orientally inspired design hotel to arrive in the European capital, Brussels. Tangla Hotel Brussels introduces its guests to the Chinese Art of Hospitality and is an ode to the unique charm of Asian Culture. Tangla Hotel Brussels is committed to making our facilities, amenities and services accessible to guests with disabilities. Our Hotel offers luxury wheelchair accessible rooms as well as even flooring throughout all public areas for better convenience and a stress-free stay. Tangla Hotel Brussels represents a subtle reinterpretation of Tangla Hotel Beijing, the very first Tangla Hotel owned and managed by HNA, the parent company of Tangla Hotels and Resorts.


My Tover


Tover wants to change the way the world looks at people with a cognitive challenge through innovative serious games that amaze and connect. They challenge players to surprise themselves with their abilities. Games for a better life: purposeful play.



The municipality of Zaventem is committed to accessibility and mobility friendliness. The municipality has opted for a permanent approach and has been awarded the label of accessible municipality by the province of Flemish Brabant.